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I'm back in the Studio after a time away and I'm feeling so lucky to be here and to have this jewelry-making thing to come back to.

I've been playing around with metal the past few months --- sawing, hammering, torching, shaping, etc. I LOVE working with metal and trying new things --- stretching my skills and creativity.

The newest thing I've been working on is brooches and a couple of statement pieces. I've had a great deal of fun designing these pieces of wearable sculpture. Very challenging; very rewarding. A nice addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

I've also been working with fold-forming, a metalsmithing technique using thin gauge metal sheet, and folding/creasing/bending it to make an interesting surface and to add strength and durability.

I've added another new (to me) technique to my work: Keum-Bu. This is a Korean metalsmithing technique of bonding pure --- 24 karat --- gold to pure --- .999 (Fine silver)--- silver using heat. 

I've used it successfully on some of the new earrings I've added to my site. The gold adds a sparkle and a glamour that plain silver can sometimes lack, without the huge increase in cost that pure gold would add. 

Of course, I always have semi-precious beads to play with too, for the times when I'm tired of the physicality of metalsmithing, so I have added some of them too.

I have MANY pieces in the 'NEW' category, but don't forget about the beauties in the other categories that have been waiting for a good home.

Welcome to Fall.










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