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The variety of earrings is infinite ---

    Size: bold statement earrings or subtle demure ones?

    Style: dangle, button, chandelier; clip, post or wire?

    Material: sterling, gold, brass, copper; stone, glass or bead?

Any- and everything is available.


Earrings make you look more polished, even when you are super-casual. The right pair of earrings is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Or is it the starting-off point to designing the perfect outfit?


I have a wide variety of earrings for you to choose from, so have a look and find the perfect touch for you!


Don't wear pierced earrings? Neither do I, so I know how difficult it is to find unique, well-crafted, cool-looking clip ons. I can convert almost all of my earrings to clip ons, or I can make you some clip earrings similar to the ones in the pictures. The clips I use are fine quality Sterling or 14k gold-filled. There is an upcharge of $15.00 per pair to replace posts or wires with the clips.


If you would rather have posts instead of wires, or vice versa, let me know. Depending on the design of the earrings, I can often simply change them out to your preference. There's no additional charge for this change.



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